Our Main Features

COMPLETE transparency

We promise that our clients can directly contact the suppliers we recommend by offering contact details in each link.

Sole agent abroad

Up to now, we have expanded our office in Germany focusing on high quality and the other one in Indonesia meeting demands of low-price market.

Absolutely original product price
No kickbacks from suppliers

As your office, we are responsible for price negotiation with manufacturers instead of doing things behind your back.

Great information assets

We have 2000+ verified suppliers and timely update 2000+ product categories. So, we keep our customers posted as prices change in the industry.

50+ inspection teams all over China

500+ staffs around the world

2000+ on-site verified suppliers

10000+ square meters warehouse

16-year experience in multi-national logistics

Affordable commission: 1%-3%

Small shipments consolidation without MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)

Temporary working area offered

Online & offline service: Global sources, Onereach APP,Exhibitions,and Offices.

Capability of risk bearing

Business trip arrangement